Yonge Eglinton Dental

Dental Services

At Yonge Eglinton Dental we offer all the care your smile needs,
all under one roof.

We have three dentists, a team of on-site specialists, an enthusiastic group of hygienists, and offer a full suite of restorative, preventative and cosmetic dental services.

Dental Implant

The next best thing to your own teeth

Teeth Whitening

Freshen up your smile

Cosmetic Dentistry

Create the smile of your dreams

Dental Crowns

Quick Fix, Perfect Fit

Dental Bridges

Replacing the Holes in Your Smile


For Hollywood-style smiles

Dental Bonding

Minor tooth repair made easy

Dental Onlays and Inlays

Your teeth, but Stronger

Periodontics (Gum Treatment)

Healthy gums hold teeth firmly in place

Dental Hygienists

Caring for your smile

Preventative Dental Care

Visiting the Dentist

Kids Dental Care

A lifetime of beautiful smiles

Complete or Partial Dentures

Million-dollar smiles for less

Tooth Extraction

Out with the old

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Healing teeth from the inside

Emergency Dental Services

Need emergency dental care?

Smile Makeovers

For Picture-Perfect Grins