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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a painless way to fix a chipped tooth, hide a discoloured tooth and/or treat tooth decay. Bonding involves shaping and adhering (or “bonding”) composite resin – a form of extremely hard plastic – to a tooth. In cases of a chip, the resin recompletes the shape of the tooth. In cases of fracture or discolouration, it masks the imperfection.

In cases of fracture or discolouration, it masks the imperfection. And in cases of decay, bonding restores the tooth after the decay has been removed. Dental bonding is non-invasive, economical and can typically be performed in one visit without the need for local anesthetic. No recovery time is required following treatment, and multiple teeth can be bonded at the same visit. However, the more teeth bonded at one time, the longer the appointment will be. This should be considered when scheduling the appointment.

The tooth bonding procedure

First, the affected tooth’s surface is prepared to receive the composite resin. A resin colour is then selected to match the colour of your natural teeth. The resin is then layered onto the tooth and bonded in place. Once the bond is secure, we will shape and polish the resin to make it look and feel like a smooth, natural tooth. No one will know the difference and you will feel great about your newly-restored smile. The following video demonstrates the bonding process, how it works and why we often recommend it to

The advantage of bonding

Bonding can positively impact your smile by hiding unsightly discolouration, restoring chipped teeth to their original shape and filling small gaps between neighbouring teeth. It can make you feel more comfortable smiling with your mouth wide open, improve your appearance in pictures and give you more confidence in social situations.

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The disadvantage of bonding

Bonding sometimes requires touch-ups or replacement over time.

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Bonding Q&A

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